Division of Nephrology

Education and Conferences

Lectures and Teaching Conferences

Lectures and conferences lead by our world-renowned division of nephrology faculty. Currently,  due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we have moved most of these to Zoom. 

Didactic Lectures

Involves broad coverage of core nephrology curriculum as well as advanced topics. Didactic lectures are held weekly. The topic of the lecture and the lecturer will be given to the fellows 1 week prior to the lectures.

Morning Report

We have a morning report every Friday morning. The fellows are accompanied by a senior attending to discuss recent cases from any of the three inpatient services or clinics that present an interesting or unique clinical scenario or diagnostic or therapeutic dilemma.

Pathology Conference

Review clinical topics based on renal pathology cases received by our clinical pathologists. An Attending pathologist presents the case, then the fellows are asked to provide a differential diagnosis. After discussing the differential diagnosis, the attending pathologist reviews the micrographs and presents a relevant topic review.

Renal Grand Rounds

Presentation on timely issues important to nephrology.

Nephrology Division Journal Club

Review a recent article in high-end science journals with relevance to nephrology


Other Notable Conferences:

Rapid Fire Journal Club


ESRD Conference

Transplant Journal Club

Renal Genetics Grand Rounds