Notable Publications

Structures of LRP2 reveal a molecular machine for endocytosis

Structures of full-length native mouse LRP2 reveal that it is a homodimer that undergoes dramatic pH-dependent structural transitions that renders it ligand-receptive at the cell surface and ligand-shedding in endosomes. Beenken et al., 2023, Cell 186, 821–836

Clinical and Genetic Characteristics of CKD Patients with High-Risk APOL1 Genotypes

In this genetically matched cohort, high-risk APOL1 genotypes were associated with an increased risk of kidney failure and eGFR decline rate, with a graded risk between specific high-risk genotypes and a lower rate of monogenic kidney disease. Rare missense variants in the inflammasome pathway may act as genetic modifiers of APOL1 effect on kidney disease. Elliot et al., J Am Soc Nephrol. 2023 Feb 9.

Comprehensive Associations between Acidosis and the Skeleton in Patients with Kidney Disease

Metabolic acidosis is associated with multiple impairments in bone quality. Future work should examine whether correction of acidosis improves bone quality and strength in patients with CKD. Levy et al., J Am Soc Nehprology. April 2023

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