Message from the Chief

Dear Division Members,

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new division newsletter, which will be a quarterly publication dedicated to sharing updates, insights, and news from our division with all members.

These are exciting times in Nephrology, with the advent of new diagnostic tools and novel therapies. As we continue to grow, it is important to stay connected and informed about how our division is contributing to these exciting developments within our field. The newsletter will serve as a platform to showcase the latest research and discoveries, new clinical programs, recent accomplishments of our members and provide resources and opportunities to enhance our professional growth and development.

We are committed to ensuring that the newsletter is engaging, informative, and reflective of the diverse interests and perspectives of our members. In future editions, we will have a spotlights dedicated to specific faculty members, fellows or administrators, and will get updates on graduates of our program.


Ali Gharavi, MD
Jay Meltzer Professor of Nephrology and Hypertension
Interim Chair, Department of Medicine
Chief, Division of Nephrology