Notable Grants Since July, 2022

Dr. Thomas Nickolas

1. R01DK134101 – Precision medicine approaches to renal osteodystrophy

2. R01FD007629 – Advancing Product Development for Hypoparathyroidism: A Prospective Natural History Study of the Clinical Outcomes and Regulation of Disordered Mineral Metabolism

3. R56DK127986 – Renal Osteodystrophy Precision Medicine Project

4. R01DK131811 – Bone In CKD Alkali Response Pilot Trial (BICARb Pilot Trial)

Dr. Sumit Mohan

1. Sep 2022 – May 2026: Towards rapid measurement of antibiotics in critical care setting NIBIB – R01 EB032910. Role: MPI (Stojanovic/Mohan/Lin/Cremer)

Dr. Maya Sabatello

1. R01 HD108701-01, K. McDonald & M. Sabatello, MPIs 07/2022-02/2027 NICHD & NHGRI Including Adults with Intellectual Disability in Precision Medicine Research – Project ENGAGE

2. R01HG010868-04S1, M. Sabatello (PI) 07/2022-06/2023 NHGRI Blind/Disability and Intersectional Biases in E-Health Records (EHRs) of Diabetes Patients: Building a Dialogue on Equity of AI/ML Models in Clinical Care

Dr. Hila Rasouly

1. K01 award: Advancing equitable implementation of genomic medicine in nephrology)