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Elevated NGAL is Associated with the Severity of Kidney Injury and Poor Prognosis of Patients with COVID-19

In the Oct. 2021 issue of the Kidney International Reports, Katherine Xu, et al. tested whether molecular biomarkers of tubular injury measured at hospital admission were associated with acute kidney injury in those with COVID-19 infection. In this study, it was noted that in the patients with COVID-19, uNGAL level was quantitatively associated with histopathologic injury, loss of kidney function, and severity of patient outcomes. Read the full article here.

Impact of Extending Eligibility for Reinstatement of Waiting Time After Early Allograft Failure

In the Sept. 2021 issue of American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Dr. Ali Husain reported a study that found reinstating waiting time for recipients experiencing allograft failure up to 1-year following transplantation yielded more additional transplants than growth in additions to the waiting list for all model assumptions except the combination of a very low relative reduction in discards (5%) and a very high failure rate of transplanted kidneys that would previously have been discarded (≥5 times the rate of currently transplanted kidneys). Read the full article here.

Ultrasound findings of calciphylaxis

In the Nov. 2021 issue of the Kidney International, Dr. Raphael Rosen reported the ultrasound findings of calciphylaxis. He noted that the “ultrasound findings of calciphylaxis have been rarely reported, but given that it is a low-cost, noninvasive, nonirradiating test that can be repeated to monitor progress, it may serve as a valuable adjunct in the diagnosis and monitoring of calciphylaxis.” Read the full article here.

Divisional News 2020-2021

Publications and Awards 
  •182 publications authored by the divisional members in the past year
  •~1/3 are COVID related
  •40+ from Glomerular Center
  •40+ from transplant group
  •Maya Rao: Associate Professor and Chief of Medicine, Allen Hospital
  •Simone Sanna-Cherchi: Associate Professor
  •Jordan Nestor: Assistant Professor
  •Andrew Beenken: Instructor
  •Atlas Khan: Instructor
  •Jacob Stevens: Director of Acute Care Nephrology
Fellow Awards & Achievements
  •Heedeok Han was selected as a Renal Physicians Association Public Policy Fellow for 2021-2022.
  •Heedeok Han and Sindhuri Prakash-Polet were accepted to attend the Renal Physiology course on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. 
  •Andrew Moses received the 3rd prize in the NYSN fellows research competition
Books Authored by the Renal Division