Division of Nephrology

Glomerular Fellowship

Fellowship Directors

Gerald Appel, MD
Andrew S. Bomback, MD

Fellowship Coordinator

Bessie Craig (212) 305-5016

Description of the Program and Eligibility

    • The Columbia Center for Glomerular Diseases is the first academic program of its kind in the nation and is designed to foster clinical care, original research and training for glomerular disease.
    • The fellowship provides a unique opportunity to obtain advanced training in the diagnosis and management of patients with all common and rare forms of glomerular diseases.
    • The fellowship also offers many opportunities to engage in world-class clinical and/or basic research in glomerular diseases.
    • The Glomerular Fellowship is open to individuals who have already completed their general nephrology fellowship training in a US accredited program and want to obtain additional expertise in preparation for a career in academic nephrology.
    • This is a one year fellowship, with a faculty appointment at the level of Instructor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, with standard faculty benefits, including one month paid vacation and expenses for one conference.

Clinical Rotations

    • 9 months of consultation/office practice at one of the largest referral centers for glomerular diseases worldwide.
    • 1 month of nephropathology. The Columbia Renal Pathology Laboratory is one of the largest centers for renal biopsies in the nation. The Glomerular Fellow will review histopathologic data for individual patient care, clinical trial participation, and manuscript preparation.
    • 1 month of inpatient clinical teaching service. This experience allows for maintenance of inpatient skills, as well as affording an opportunity to supervise and teach fellows, residents and medical students.
    • 1 month of vacation


Research Opportunities

    • The Glomerular Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of ongoing research at the Center for Glomerular diseases, including therapeutic trials, epidemiological research, clinical investigations, and basic research.
    • The Center engages in many clinical trials, many of which were conceived and developed by our faculty members and fellows.
    • The Center is one of four Participating Clinical Centers for the CureGN study, an NIH-sponosred national observational study of patients with different forms of Glomerular diseases .
    • We are actively engaged in translating basic research into clinical care. For example, we are implementing personalized genomics into the diagnosis and management of patients with glomerular diseases.
    • Additional bench research activities include genetic studies in humans, mouse models of glomerular diseases, and fundamental studies in pathogenesis of glomerulosclerosis (Barasch, Gharavi, Kiryluk, and Sanna-Cherchi labs)
    • The fellow is expected to complete at least one study which he/she has designed and implemented. Through this work, the fellow will obtain a comprehensive training in the design and implementation of research studies, as well as manuscript preparation and publication. There will be opportunities for developing and writing grants as well.


Application Process

Please click this link to apply: apply.interfolio.com/129609